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Congratulations 2005 Grand Champions and Sweepstakes Winners!!!

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Grand Champions

There are no winners identified.

Choral Sweepstakes Winners

April 30, 2005 Rising Starr MS 7th And 8th Grade Chorus N/A, N/A Ashley Mallam
April 15, 2005 HMS 6th Grade Choir N/A, N/A Karen Anderson
April 29, 2005 Woodstock High School Beginning Women's Chorus N/A, N/A Scott L. Martin
May 06, 2005 Ellis G. Arnall Middle School 7th Grade Chorus N/A, N/A Karen Moseley
April 15, 2005 Chestatee High School I Cantori N/A, N/A Elizabeth M. Bowen
April 09, 2005 Howard Show Choir N/A, N/A Stephana Lynch
Howard 6th Grade Chorus N/A, N/A Stephana Lynch
May 06, 2005 Sprayberry High School CHAMBER SINGERS N/A, N/A Ira Pittman
April 08, 2005 John I. Leonard HS JILL JIVE Concert Choir N/A, N/A Ken Taylor
April 23, 2005 Long Cane Middle School Festival Chorus N/A, N/A Elizabeth Biggs
April 22, 2005 Northwest Whitfield High School Women's Chorale N/A, N/A Carla Carroll

Instrumental Sweepstakes Winners

April 09, 2005 Bragg Middle School Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Scott Thompson
May 07, 2005 Northwestern Middle School Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Christy Naughton & Lindy Sikes
Northwestern MS 7th And 8th Grade Orchestra N/A, N/A Carolyn Ellington
April 16, 2005 Whitewater MS 7th And 8th Grade Orchestra N/A, N/A Sonia E. Squires
April 30, 2005 North Forsyth High School Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Jim Kirkpatrick
April 15, 2005 Ransom Jazz Band N/A, N/A Janie Walker
Ransom Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Janie Walker
April 22, 2005 Pickens High School Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Patrick J Gallagher
Pickens County Middle School Honor Band N/A, N/A Mary Land And Clara Pantazopoulos
April 01, 2005 Berry Middle School Band N/A, N/A A. B. Baggett
April 30, 2005 Dalton Middle School Symphonic Band N/A, N/A Lewie Humphrey
May 06, 2005 Falcon Cove Middle School Jazz Band N/A, N/A Anthony Williams


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